This  website has been created to give a different, more personal view of one of the most popular tourist areas of Europe - Lake Garda.

We give space to people to express themselves in connection with the area, in, for example: short stories, interesting photographs.

We also give space for small local businesses, artists and craftsmen to introduce themselves. Many of these people and businesses are alredy well-known in the locality, and receive a lot of trust and respect from the local people, and we think it is time to make them better known to the broader world.

We hope, that tourists and visitors too, can benefit from information on this site and have more pleasant and memorable holidays as a result.

  This is a beautiful area and we want this site to be able to help you to enjoy your stay in it. It has almost everything in it that one could want to make a holiday enjoyable. The country surrounding Lake Garda has mountain walks to suit anyone, from a gentle stroll to a really strenuous hike up hill and down dale, through the high peaks and everything in between, as well as refuges that provide food and shelter in the heights. There are also many places of varying degrees of difficulty for rock climbing.

 The lake has facilities for swimming, scuba divingsailing in dingies, catamarans and yachts as well as schools of wind-surfing and shops that will hire out surf-boards to the already proficient. There are many barsrestaurants, hotels, bed-and-breakfast establishments, camp sites, and caravan parks. There are bathing beaches and facilities for angling.

 In Torbole, at the North end of the lake there is a park for mountain bikes and skateboards with interesting tracks. There are many artists resident in the area and shops specialising in antiques and objects d'art.

 This site is aimed at making it easy for you to find your way around the many facilities and attractions that this area has to offer and to make you aware of some of the lesser known attractions that it has to offer.

Ottobre-Novembre 2019


 Padova, Verona, Trento, Rovereto, Riva del Garda



  Corso rapido

  per addetti al bar e per camerieri sala


 Il corso permette di acquisire il vocabolario minimo necessario per gestire le più ricorrenti situazioni nella routine degli ambienti di ristorazione. Contiene alcuni elementi di grammatica Inglese e le frasi più indispensabili per la comunicazione efficace con i clienti.

Durata del corso 12 ore.

Numero massimo di partecipanti 8 persone. Si richiede la conoscenza  d’Inglese di base.

Per le persone che vogliono imparare la lingua “da zero”

organizziamo corsi personalizzati.